20 Facts About Me

  1. I am a very proud Ravenclaw.
  2. Christmas and Halloween are equally my favourite holiday seasons. Christmas brings me pure joy and happiness  at the end of the year whilst Halloween offers me some of my favourite movies in existence.
  3. Lillies and peonies are my favourite flowers.
  4. I’ve always loved dancing. I was in a dancing troupe from the ages of 4 to 14 but quit due to bullying. Despite this, I miss dancing so much that I’m seriously considering joining another troupe!
  5. I’ve always wanted to travel and live in London for at least a short period of time. I have this weird desire to travel to the UK in general, mostly because of its rich history and undeniable beauty.
  6. The Sims is quite possibly my favourite game ever.
  7. I’ve been a massive bookworm ever since I can remember.
  8. I have been in a relationship for just over 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier.
  9. My favourite things to shop for include: food, stationary and homeware.
  10. I have severe arachnophobia (fear of spiders).
  11. My first celebrity crush was Jesse McCartney.
  12. I love to bake and I like to think that I’m pretty decent at it. I also want to become a lot better at cooking food because I think that learning to cook is extremely important for your health and it’s also a tonne of fun.
  13. My ultimate dream is to write and publish a novel.
  14. I would love to be fluent in at least 3 languages before I die.
  15. Scottish accents are my favourite.
  16. Cole Sprouse is my current celebrity crush and spirit animal.
  17. I love theatre. I could watch a theatre production every night and never get sick of it.
  18. I have a fear of swimming in deep, open ocean. As soon as the water looks black, I’m out!
  19. If I’m ever angry, upset or stressed I always find solace in writing in my diary, having a relaxing bath and drawing.
  20. Cats are my favourite domestic animal (dogs are a very close second), and wolves are my favourite wild animal. They are pretty majestic.

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