19 Things I’ve Learnt in 19 Years

Seeing as my birthday is fast approaching I have decided to write a birthday-themed blog post for this week. Over my almost 19 years I’ve learnt quite a lot.

  1. Quality over quantity

    Remove toxic friendships from your life. Just move along, carry on in different directions and see where life without that person will take you.

  2. Go with the flow

    Just go with the flow and enjoy where life takes you. Life is too unpredictable to judge what will happen next, and too short to not enjoy.

  3. Life is too short

    Talk to that boy first, buy that expensive dress, eat that delicious-looking cake and enjoy every moment of it because life’s too short. Take a chance, go-big or go-home and make sure you don’t regret a thing.

  4.  Skin clears up

    Don’t panic about your acne! It might seen like it’s the end of the world at the time, but I promise you (as a sufferer of bad acne myself) that pimples do go away. Your acne is NOT going to be around forever so DON’T let it hold you back!

  5.  Take care of YOU

    We’re all taught to be kind, generous and self-less, but throughout my years I’ve discovered that sometimes you have to be a little bit selfish. Don’t get me wrong, be nice and lovely 90% of the time, but sometimes you need time to really take care of you. 

  6. Break free from your comfort zone

    Trust me, I love comfort as much as the next girl does, but escaping from that comfort zone every now and then can make your life so much more interesting.

  7. Don’t make decisions when you’re in a bad mood

    I tend to make poor decisions when I’m angry, sad or just feeling off. Over the years I’ve learnt that when I’m not in a good mood I need to take a step back, re-group, take a bath (or do something relaxing) and make decisions when I’m feeling more like myself.

  8. Enjoy school

    ‘Enjoy school!’ is something I never thought I would be telling myself, ever. Alas, it’s been two years since I finished high school and I’m already missing it.

  9. Assholes are everywhere

    Whether you’re in primary school, high school, university, starting work, attending a reunion or in a nursing home I guarantee… there will be at least one person who wants to ruin fun and laughter for everyone. Bullies transcend age. You’ve got to accept that they’re going to be around every corner and be ready to tell them to ‘shove it’.

  10. Appreciate everything

    Appreciate your family, your friends, yourself, your home, the trees, the animals, the sun, the moon. Appreciate the sound of someone mowing the lawn, of birds chirping. Appreciate your desire to travel, your love for chocolate cake or your drive to become a lawyer. Everyone is motivated by something. Appreciate it and make it the thing that helps you wake up in the morning.

  11. You can’t please everyone

    It’s true and it sucks, but not everyone is going to like you and you can’t please everyone. So please the people that love you, they are the ones who matter.

  12. Let it out

    If you need to cry, do it! Don’t bottle up your emotions in because it’ll make you feel so much worse, let it out.

  13. Harry Potter will always be the best thing in existence

    It’s just a fact.

  14. Enjoy family time

    You never know when stuff can go south so make the most of the time you have with your family.

  15.  Make memories

    I don’t advise making dumb decisions to create a few ‘memories to keep forever’, but I am a massive advocate for making some heartfelt, goofy and laughable memories. You want to look back and be happy with the life you have led.

  16. Trust your gut

    It’s a tough lesson to teach but an even tougher lesson to learn but when you finally master how to trust your gut instincts, you will be one unstoppable force of nature. Your gut is always right.

  17. Confidence is key

    Confidence can manifest in many different forms. Confidence can be found in a piece of jewellery, a $2 lipstick from Target, your rad new hair cut, your new brace-less smile or even your best friend. Embrace the things (or people) that make you feel confident because trust me, they’re worth holding on to.

  18. Home is truly sweet

    I’m a complete home-body and always have been but recently I’ve been missing home a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m at university so often and when I’m not at university, I’m usually at work or out with friends. It’s made me realise that home is truly where the heart is.

  19. Chocolate, ice cream and a good book can fix everything

    Couple all of the above with a warm, bath-bomb-filled bath and you’ve got yourself a remedy for any crappy situation.


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