The Mid-Sem Break

In Australia, universities have seized classes and exams will be over before we know it. But what now? We have 6 weeks off university so we get to decide what we do every day until next semester, and the possibilities are endless. The first few weeks are incredible until you realise that your future is completely in your hands and you start to worry that sitting around laughing at dog memes might not be the best use of your time.

Without further ado, here is a list of some activities that you can do during your mid-semester break that aren’t completely crap:

  1. Look for/apply for work experience: because as frustrating as it might be, it’s kind of your future so it’ll definitely be worth while.
  2. Do a fun yet productive/skill-building activity with your friends: ice skating, rock climbing, bowling and escape rooms.
  3. Take half an hour out of your day to meditate: as silly as it may sound, meditation is great for your health, balance and lifestyle – you’ll feel amazing in no time.
  4. Do something you wouldn’t usually do: donate blood, visit a museum/art gallery, go to a diner, shop at the markets and buy some groovy trinkets.
  5. Make a decision that makes you say, ‘well you only live once’ (and not ironically): buy the most delicious-looking cocktail, order that fancy mezze plate and cross off that one thing on your bucket list that you’ve been dying to do.
  6. Travel! Why not take a trip somewhere? Somewhere local or somewhere international, your mind and body will appreciate a change of scenery after a full semester of uni.
  7. Take up a hobby: whether it’s a sporting activity like netball or you take up sewing, drawing or gardening, having a hobby can really take your mind of things.
  8. Start a collection: buttons, coins and key chains, oh my!

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